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StepUp Medical Compression 2HLC 20-30mmHg

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StepUp Hyper-Lite Medically Graded Compression Socks

  • 25% Spandex, 75% Nylon
  • Optimal Breathability & Comfort
  • Medically Graduated Compression Socks 20-30mmHg
  • Antibacterial Fabric To Reduce Odour
  • Reinforced Heel & Toe
  • Designed For Optimal Comfort

Graduated compression 20-30mmHg socks help improve performance and recovery. StepUp's Hyper-Lite compression features true graduated compression for everyday life, occupation & athletic activity. Individuals who wear StepUp Hyper-Lite compression will benefit from:

  • Increased blood flow and lower limb circulation
  • Faster and more efficient oxygen delivery to muscle tissue
  • Reduced tensile pull on muscles during activity and reduced exercise-induced muscle aches in lower limbs
  • Minimal lactic acid buildup in the legs during exercise
  • Peak energy, performance and recovery
  • Decreased shin splints & calf cramping
  • Thermal and odour control

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