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ALLARD - BlueRocker 2.0 (AFO)

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• New strap system reduces potential to flex wings forward, while adding an alligator tab for easier donning and doffing with either hand
• Wider straps for increased comfort
• Velcro on inside of “wings” provides less chance for lint build-up or snagging on clothing
• Newly contoured “wings” conform better around calf while leaving less surface area for damage
• Pre-applied MicroFIX Kit allows faster application of SoftKIT or ComfortKIT
• Extra stability-offers more orthotic control while improving balance and posture in the patient
• Comfort — absence of material at the back of the orthosis avoids contact with sensitive areas
• Easy to donn and doff — two straps
• Four point fixation/force principle for maximum leg stabilization and control
• Full coverage anatomically shaped anterior tibia shell for maximum stabilization and control
• Short strut “wraps” over instep for maximum medial-lateral and rotation control of the foot and ankle complex
• Open heel design allows the heel to shift from eversion to inversion
• The anterior plate assists with knee extension at the mid-stance phase of gait
• Customizable — can be fit by cutting, grinding and adding required foot orthotics or padding

AFO for Kids

Additional Information:

Warranty (Manufacturers defects)12 months
MaterialCarbon composite/Kevlar


Size:Length (cm)Height (cm)
Extra Small21.035.6
Extra Large28.643.2

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